hyoyeon is a life ruiner

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94-liner. SONE, Cassie and Hyohunnie. I ship hyosic and hyohyun, After School and Momusu have a special places in my heart.

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The honorable Beifong family tree

Cheers! Happy birthday dear H! [心]


When you use your ID at the club for the first time





mom can i move to sweden


”(…) This differential Hyoyeon to be made one of the most internationally famous members. His fans and admirers are those who can see that following standards is not everything. Are those who like to laugh at good jokes and wonder with impressive dance performances. And those who are proud to say that Hyoyeon have as an idol.

Hyoyeon fans understand that the real beauty of a person is not in your outside but on the inside, where the core of the personality resides. They understand that talent and hard work can lead a person to heights. And we will always serve as the foundation for Hyoyeon independent of others’ opinions. For what matters in the end is the happiness of that person as valuable.”

       Thank you for existing, and for making me so proud of you. Happy birthday to my eternal dancing queen. 

taeyeon & sunny playing with the camera


Expectation vs Reality gif part 1



ppl on this website be like your grades don’t measure your intelligence but whether or not you drink tea and like dr. who does


rated fic ideas


I need you to understand that this is even crazier and more important than what Block B did. This is not “Block B again”. Block B was in a shitty situation and they left. This time one single man was fed up with the abuse and huge long-term mistreatment of every single idol in the company and threatened to expose everything and then bought the company and remade contracts in the artists’ favor. All of the artists. This is huge.